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De Ängu vom Änziloch Christmas Book 2007

"De Ängu vom Änziloch" (The Angel from Enziloch) was published in 2007. The book was written in the spoken Lucerne dialect by Stefan Schärli, with illustrations by Maria Zemp.

CHF 10.00
De Wäg is Tannehüsli Christmas Book 2011

Stefan Schärli wrote the new Christmas Book "De Wäg is Tannehüsli" (the way to the forest hut) in the regionally spoken Lucerne dialect. Illustrations courtesy of Maria Zemp.

CHF 15.00
S'Hergiswiler Chrüterhäxli Lilli Gwonder New Book 2016

Stefan Schärli and Maria Zemp wrote this book as an accompaniment to a playful path in Hergiswil. There are stories to the different stations along the path. One of these, the sculpture "s"Härzenstor zwösche de Wälte" by Philipp Zemp is featured prominently.

CHF 15.00
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