Stefan Schärli


January 10, 1969 at precisely 7.55 on a farm on the Menzberg, Napf region, part of Lucerne’s Hinterland country in beautiful Central Switzerland surroundings…in Switzerland of course, where else!


Following the usual school education path, training as agriculturalist, then paramedic – followed by complete change of direction with further education in crisis management and leadership training by Wittlin Stauffer at the Schweizerischen Institut für Betriebsökonomie SIB (Swiss institute of business economy) in Zurich. Since 2009, head of the emergency unit at the Kantonsspital Wolhusen hospital in Lucerne.

Singing training with David Cemberland in Lucerne, voice training with Monte Ralstin in New York and Maria Van Dongen in Lucerne, as well as Agnes Stirnimann in Basel.


On stage since 15 years of age in diverse short comedies (so-called “Schwänke”), Gotthelf productions and over ten self-written plays.

Theater Lucerne: "Die Physiker" (the physicist) as carer, "Heute Abend wird aus dem Stegreif gespielt" (tonight sees impromptu play-theater from the theater) as Pastor, Bernhard Theater and Theater Stock in Zürich – as well as on-tour through Switzerland: "Kurs Süd" (route south) with own comedy program. Open-air theater Menzberg "Brand i de Chele" (fire in the church) in the role of both pastors.


Theater Lucerne: "Nacht in Venedig" (night in Venice) as gondolier, "Die Verkaufte Braut" (the bartered bride) as young landlord, Operetta-stage Root: "Schwarzwaldmädel" (the Black Forest girl) as Schmusheim, "Die Landstreiche" (the vagrant) as usher Kampel, "Im Weissen Röösel" (the white horse inn) as Sigismund.

On the anniversary of the farming society, leading role in "der Fidele Bauer" (the merry farmer) – a grand Louis Näf production.


"Fidelio" as leading figure, "Tiefland" (lowland) as miller’s son, "Don Carlos" as page.


"Käfig voller Narren" (cage-full of fools) as waiter, "My Fair Lady" as Fredi.


Various solo baritone concerts.



Fashion model on diverse catwalks, amongst which, for Vivian Westwood London in New York, London and Berlin as well as for various other fashion designers.
Staging of own big shows in Zurich, Berlin and Amsterdam.

DAS ZELT Productions AG: Director since 2006 for children’s shows, with between 10 & 12 productions annually...(Zelt = marquee).

Films & Advertising

Diverse television and cinema advertisements, amongst which, for Feldschlösschen, Microsoft and Ottos.


Presentations in Germany, Holland and Switzerland – as well as presentation of own-production "Volks- und Eigentümliches" (characteristic folk’s sounds) by Radio Emme.


Diverse jobs for short stories and the theatreview

"De Ängu vom Änziloch" (the angel from Enziloch) illustrated children’s book written in the spoken dialect of Lucerne (2007)
"De Wäg is Tannehüsli" (the way to the forest hut) illustrated children’s book in Lucerne dialect (2011)


Diverse dialects such as Swiss German, so-called stage-German and the German dialect of Berlin.
English and French

Songs in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Latin and German.

Professional Qualifications

Head of the interdisciplinary emergency and outpatient departments, Lucerne Cantonal Hospital Wolhusen.

Guest professor in technical institutes and post-graduate degree programmes with a focus on:

  • communication
  • crisis management
  • dealing with difficult and aggressive patients
  • death and dying

Freelancer with 4 Management 2 Security GMBH. More Information (PDF, german)

CAS in Forensic Medicine